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1Q84 was published in Japan on Friday (29th May) and to mark the occasion, Daniel Morales at howtojaponese.com is live blogging the release over the weekend. You can read more about the live blog here and here and follow Daniels progress from the main page of his site.

Daniel has also posted an interesting note about the speculation around with novels subject matter. I would highly recommend checking out Daniel’s site.

The Millions entery on the release – check out the comments for an interesting discussion on when the English translation will appear and if it will be cut in size, like A Wind Up Bird Chronicle. Also there’s more on the 1Q84 specilation by Ben Dooley at The Millions

There’s been a supprising amount of English language coverage – most stating how, even before 1Q84 hits the stores, Murakami’s new novel is a hit in Japan.

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